TETSTetramethylenedisulfotetramine (rodenticide)
TETSThird Echelon Test Set (USMC)
TETSTrains Entering Terminal Stations (train/subway controls)
TETSTranscutaneous Energy Transfer System
TETSTurbine Engine Technology Symposium
TETSTrans Eurasia Transport Solutions (various locations)
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By coupling an external "sender" coil with an implanted "receiver" coil, the TETS system is able to transfer electricity through the patient's skin, thereby eliminating the traditional power and transmitter cable utilized in ventricular assist devices today.
We have already conducted over a dozen animal studies of our TETS technology, which gives us great confidence in the integrity of our system.
Editorial Note: TETS is a little-known, often unrecognized, and highly lethal neurotoxic rodenticide that once was used widely.
TETS meets criteria for inclusion in the list of extremely hazardous pesticides maintained by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is more lethal than WHO's most toxic registered pesticide, sodium fluoroacetate (2).
TETS transmission and distribution software includes TL-Pro Design Studio for engineering overhead power line systems and Corridor Analyst for line routing.
Trimble and GSI have partnered in the utility space since 2001 on significant solutions that impact how major utilities conduct field operations, so it made perfect sense for GSI to acquire and integrate the TETS business into our offerings," said Carl Livingood, president of GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc.