TETSTetramethylenedisulfotetramine (rodenticide)
TETSThird Echelon Test Set (USMC)
TETSTrains Entering Terminal Stations (train/subway controls)
TETSTranscutaneous Energy Transfer System
TETSTurbine Engine Technology Symposium
TETSTrans Eurasia Transport Solutions (various locations)
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Moreover, TETs, especially TET2 expression, were significantly upregulated in both mRNA and protein levels after UVB irradiation, providing a potential mechanism underlying the 5hmC reduction.
Thousands of applicants to the posts of primary teachers in the state have submitted fake TET ( teachers' eligibility test) certificates, along with their applications in different districts.
[16] have shown the capability of beta-cyclodextrin ([beta]-CD) for binding TETS through host-guest complexing with a binding constant, [K.sub.binding] = 537 [+ or -] 26 [M.sup.-1], thus providing a new perspective for detection of TETS and an opportunity to engineer a more general molecular-recognition platform.
Tsentralnaya TETs, with gross assets of USD16.4m (EUR12.3m) as at 30 June 2013 and a loss before tax of USD9m for the six months to 30 June, generates and sells power and heat to the groupa[euro](tm)s steel mill Evraz ZSMK and provides heat to the Novokuznetsk city, the vendor said.
By coupling an external "sender" coil with an implanted "receiver" coil, the TETS system is able to transfer electricity through the patient's skin, thereby eliminating the traditional power and transmitter cable utilized in ventricular assist devices today.
Although Dushuqiang, which contains TETS, has been banned for sale since the mid-1980s, it is still widely available in China.
GMD Environmental Technologies, Inc is a leading supplier of fabric filters (baghouses), sand reclamation systems and Totally Enclosed Treatment Systems (TETS [TM]) for treating acid gases and heavy metal dusts.
With an in-line or Totally Enclosed Treatment System (TETS), wastes are treated prior to leaving the baghouse, thereby discharging nontoxic dust from the baghouse.