TEVCTwo-Electrode Voltage-Clamp
TEVCTotal Effective Vascular Compliance
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(Recall that in each of these cases each shareholder expects to have to verify one project out of the two.) More general versions of (15) can be motivated by supposing that average verification costs can be reduced up to a point by shareholders using a fixed factor (e.g., they might use a shared computer to process information) or by shareholders helping each other out (e.g., by specialising in different aspects of the verification process), but that congestion (or co-ordination) problems set in when the number of shareholders passes a certain level (e.g., demands on the computer get so intense that individual shareholders do not get enough time to process information properly).(12) Total expected verification costs (TEVC) are then
(13) In this context, we mainly require that [alpha.sub.2] < 0 (so that the TEVC function takes a minimum value for some value of K between 1 and 2M).
Available: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/ TEVC.2007.896690