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TEVETTechnical, Entrepreneurial, Vocational Education and Training
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Tevet himself eventually joined the American ranks, arriving here in 1979.
Solomon has positioned TEVET as a value-added, customer-centric reseller providing electronic test and measurement products.
Tevet is basically a research and development body that aims to develop new models, in the hope that government agencies will later adopt and finance them (JDC, 2008, Tevet Employment Initiative Report).
The Tevet programs operate according to several key principles:
Jews have fasted on the Third of Tishrei, the Tenth of Tevet, the Seventeenth of Tammuz, and the Ninth of Av in order to commemorate specific events related to the Destruction.
We are honored and excited to have received the award," said Ilan Tevet, RAD's VP Marketing and Business Development.
Like many American Jews, I've never given much thought to Asereh b'Tevet, or the 10[non-translatable text] of Tevet, a minor Jewish fast day beginning at sunrise on Sunday, that commemorates when King Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem in 425 B.
Rachel Tevet Weisel, the Women's Affairs adviser to the IDF Chief of Staff, sent a letter to IDF soldiers on Sunday demanding they refrain printing shirts that may be construed as sexist or chauvinistic.
A more rebellious mother appears in Atalia, directed by Akiva Tevet (1986), which looks back at the period just preceding the 1973 war--a period still preoccupied with military power, with the readiness of young men to fight, and with the submission of women to men they may lose in battle.
Perhaps one of the most important stipulations was made later by the Rebbe on 24 Tevet, 5742 (January 19, 1982) when he wrote:
The rabbinate in Israel has ruled the fast day of the Tenth of Tevet as a day on which Jews commemorate the Yortsayt of relatives, victims of the Holocaust, whose date of death is unknown, with prayer and study.
Sanskrit literature is not neglected, with Yohanan Grinshpon on the Hitopadesa and Maya Tevet Dayan on the Naisadh[i.