TEWITotal Equivalent Warming Impact
TEWITitan Energy Worldwide, Inc. (New Hudson, MI)
TEWITotal Environmental Warming Impact
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The concept of LCCP is more comprehensive than TEWI, which ignores the greenhouse gas emissions during chemical manufacturing, the energy embodied in product materials, and end-of-life losses.
The general relationship between TEWI for different systems are only representative; actual system charges, leakage rate and carbon emissions factor (P) will differ from site to site.
2] hybrid systems offer similar efficiencies to the benchmark system but have a higher TEWI than other alternatives due to the high HFC charge.
Based on the experimental data, the TEWI values were calculated for a Tokyo, Japan, climate.
An energy efficiency and TEWI analysis is performed for a commercial refrigeration (supermarket) system placed in three different locations representing a range of climatic regions.
TEWI calculations are based on average charges for the analyzed systems.
Direct and indirect impacts of TEWI are shown for each system.
Finally, a TEWI analysis demonstrates that these systems are of great importance when reductions in carbon emissions are required.
2]/kWh, a simple TEWI analysis for a 20-year lifespan shows that the secondary fluid refrigeration system would achieve 79.
2]/kWh, a simple TEWI analysis for a 20-year life span demonstrates that this system would achieve 79.