TEWLTransepidermal Water Loss (skin barrier property)
TEWLTest of Early Written Language (Western Psychological Services)
TEWLTotal Evaporative Water Loss
TEWLTurkey Egg White Lysozyme (biochemistry)
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When used correctly, moisturizers reduce TEWL, increase skin hydration, lessen signs and symptoms of AD, and, as shown in a recent study, potentially prevent AD in high risk infants.
Results of the [a.sup.*] and TEWL measurements are shown in Figure 4.
Responses to treatment were based on EI, TEWL values (measured on three different sites on each cheek according to guidelines established by the Europe an Group for Efficacy Measurements on Cosmetics and Other Topical Products), and PSA.
Therefore, disruption of the skin barrier increases TEWL via reduction of stratum corneum hydration and causes penetration of harmful substances, which results in opportunistic secondary infections [20].
FLG mutations cause a loss of FLG protein of at least 50%, leading to multiple biophysical defections in skin barrier function, including elevated pH, a disorganized stratum corneum, reduced lipid content, and increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL).
As Kalia and coworkers (4) demonstrated on measures of TEWL and low-frequency impedance spectroscopy, infants born at 30 to 32 weeks' gestational age develop barrier function within 2 to 4 weeks that is comparable to that seen in adults, whereas in those born at 23 to 25 weeks' gestational age, functional maturation may require significantly more time than that--up to 9 weeks.
(Figura 3) La emulsion epicutanea y el cemento intercorneal, ambos de naturaleza grasa apolar, ocasionan una barrera practicamente infranqueable a las sales y asi, en este tipo de pieles con ambas estructuras alteradas, las posibilidades de humectacion y recuperacion de la TEWL que originan las sales son mayores, asi como la efectividad de la cosmetica osmotica.
An increase of TEWL implies barrier function irregularities, so a mixture containing the components of the oral ingredient (evening primrose oil, wheat seed extract and vitamin E acetate) was evaluated on skin discs to observe their possible effect on TEWL reduction.
One must consider here the mechanism of irritation associated with a topical retinoid, which is its ability to thin the stratum corneum and allow for increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and ultimately xerosis/asteatosis.
Filaggrin deficiency can adversely affect these functions, impairing stratum corneum adhesion, enhancing TEWL, and causing dysregulation of the skin pH resulting in increased skin permeability.
At a single time point--day 8--the areas treated with betamethasone proved to be slightly but significantly better, compared with control areas when measured by TEWL. On day 3, areas treated with the vehicle control proved to be significantly better when measured by laser Doppler flowmetry.