TEWLTransepidermal Water Loss (skin barrier property)
TEWLTest of Early Written Language (Western Psychological Services)
TEWLTotal Evaporative Water Loss
TEWLTurkey Egg White Lysozyme (biochemistry)
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To explore the potential protective effects of minimizing TEWL, Simpson and colleagues" enrolled infants at increased risk for AD in a preliminary study of emollient use.
Moisturisers can be used to manage dry skin (xerosis), reduce TEWL, and soften and hydrate surface epidermal layers.
We euthanized PND1 pups as described above and measured TEWL after sequential tape stripping of the SC layers of the dorsal posterior skin using adhesive tape (catalog no.
tissue necrosis factor-a; TEWL, trans-epidermal water loss; TCF-[beta] transforming growth factor-(3: UV, ultraviolet.
The procedure followed in the detailed analysis is intended to fulfil a twofold purpose: first, to check whether the automatic classification has been effective; and second, to describe the lexical behaviour of the sample from TEWL.
TEWL measurements were taken, as well as a punch and shave biopsy from each buttock.
Inspired by the lore of princesses of centuries passed who used exotic oils in their daily beauty rituals, EstÄ"e Laudera[euro](tm)s Re-Creation Night Serum for Eyes in concert with Re-Creation Eye Balm provides unparalleled replenishment and comfort to the eye area while helping strengthen skina[euro](tm)s natural moisture barrier to boost hydration and minimize TEWL.
At a single time point--day 8--the areas treated with betamethasone were slightly but significantly better, compared with control areas when measured by TEWL.
Results indicated that the borage oil cream reduced TEWL which further enhanced moisture levels in the treated skin.