TEWSTsunami Early Warning System
TEWSTactical Electronic Warfare System
TEWSTactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
TEWSTactical Effectiveness of Weapons Systems
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But they have something to say, likewise, of the Harmonic Meeting at the Sol's Arms, where the sound of the piano through the partly opened windows jingles out into the court, and where Little Swills, after keeping the lovers of harmony in a roar like a very Yorick, may now be heard taking the gruff line in a concerted piece and sentimentally adjuring his friends and patrons to "Listen, listen, listen, tew the wa-ter fall!" Mrs.
Meantime Tom and the stanchest of his adherents had reached Harrowell's, and Sally was bustling about to get them a late tea, while Stumps had been sent off to Tew, the butcher, to get a piece of raw beef for Tom's eye, which was to be healed off- hand, so that he might show well in the morning.
"The fact that four people earned bicycles is amazing," Tews said.
The latest version of SATS was developed over 12 months, building onto the 'emergency triage' component of the ETAT through a consultative consensus approach, customising the emergency signs to the local context and validating these subjective clinical signs in conjunction with the objective TEWS in Cape Town in 2011.
This was the third time this same group had visited the city but Mr Tews explained that in the past they travelled in much smaller numbers.
To date, the Tews have limited themselves to roping and riding events, although Colt admits he's starting to consider taking on the bucking horses.
Tews, now 54, was seriously wounded by automatic weapons fire as he swam across a canal from East to West Berlin.
Tews, the founder of Serenity House Counseling Services in Addison, died Saturday after nearly 52 years of sobriety and a battle with Parkinson's disease.
These included revisions to: (i) add a clear step-by-step flowchart that makes explicit the first step of identifying emergency signs and asking for the presenting complaint; (ii) incorporate the ABCccD approach to identifying emergency signs from ETAT in the emergency clinical discriminators; (iii) ensure a four-level triage scale rather than a three-level scale with incorporation of ETAT priority signs and additional signs deemed necessary by the expert group; (iv) ensure that the step-by-step flowchart, clinical discriminators, TEWS and additional investigations are embedded in the wall chart for practical application; and (v) develop a separate chart with additional tasks that do not change the priority level of the patient but are beneficial to patient care.
It approves using the TEWS for washing and rinsing UH-60, AH-64, and OH-58 engines.
The TEWS, designed for the US Air Force (USAF) F-15E Eagle, is a federated EW suite, consisting of the AN/ALR-56C radar warning receiver (RWR), the AN/ALQ-135 internal jammer, the AN/ALQ-128 warning system, and the ALE-45 countermeasures-dispensing system.
With the addition of Band 1.5, the TEWS provides what the company terms "full-spectrum threat protection."