TEWSTsunami Early Warning System
TEWSTactical Electronic Warfare System
TEWSTactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
TEWSTactical Effectiveness of Weapons Systems
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These included revisions to: (i) add a clear step-by-step flowchart that makes explicit the first step of identifying emergency signs and asking for the presenting complaint; (ii) incorporate the ABCccD approach to identifying emergency signs from ETAT in the emergency clinical discriminators; (iii) ensure a four-level triage scale rather than a three-level scale with incorporation of ETAT priority signs and additional signs deemed necessary by the expert group; (iv) ensure that the step-by-step flowchart, clinical discriminators, TEWS and additional investigations are embedded in the wall chart for practical application; and (v) develop a separate chart with additional tasks that do not change the priority level of the patient but are beneficial to patient care.
This study aimed to validate the revised version of the paediatric SATS for children triaged in six different ECs and answer the question as to whether an age-appropriate TEWS in addition to clinical discriminators improves the sensitivity of identifying a sick child requiring admission versus using clinical discriminators or a TEWS independently.
3%) had incomplete TEWS calculations, 1 patient died, and 81 patients (4.
23] Our data strongly support use of the TEWS to augment clinical signs at triage.
Before washing any engine, check out the engine cleaning procedures in the appropriate engine TM for each bird, and the commercial TM for the TEWS.
Another shortfall with the TEWS system, Coyle stated, is a "longstanding problem" with the ALR-56C RWR.
5 program, under prime contractor Northrop Grumman Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector (Rolling Meadows, IL), reached Milestone III (full-rate production) earlier this year and has seen the first operational installation of the system aboard a USAF F-15E (see "First Operational Installation of Enhanced TEWS Completed," JED, January 2001, p.
JED understands that Royal Saudi Air Force F-15S fighters will also receive this TEWS upgrade, with Saudi offset giant Advanced Electronics Co.