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TEWTTactical Exercise Without Troops (aka Training Exercise Without Troops)
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Accordingly, our TEWT focused on three key tasks that could be executed by the subordinate cavalry troops and infantry companies without intensive squadron oversight:
Thanks to the TEWT, when the wildfire mobilization order came the following Monday, a civilian workday for most of the 1-18th CAV's Guardsmen, subordinate leaders understood the basics of mobilizing their units.
The focus of the TEWT is to provide the leaders with an understanding of the complexity of the operation and insights on how to control and plan the operation.
Clear command priorities, daily battlefield update briefs, appropriate scheduling, tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs), and leadership professional development (LPD) are just a few ways to meet these training conflicts head-on and get the most of your limited time with the unit.
Of course, the field training exercise (FTX) is the most obvious example, but there are numerous other opportunities for engineer support or expertise--command post exercises (CPXs), war games/simulations, sand tables, training exercises without troops (TEWTS), terrain walks, and so on.
Students will execute several training exercises without troops (TEWTs) that focus on employment of forces at the company level, including area security, offense, defense, and maneuver and mobility support operations.
The operations phase is spread throughout the course, with topics covered by lectures and tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs).
Additional hands-on activities and integration across the BOLC-ECCC-NCO-warrant officer courses have occurred via tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs).
Recent efforts to move toward less classroom lecture and more hands-on instruction include increased use of tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs) and introduction of interactive simulations, such as DARWARS Ambush!
Get out with your lieutenants and NCOs; go on terrain walks; conduct tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs); read and discuss controversial articles; discuss current affairs, technical procedures, doctrine, and the military art.
Near- and long-term solutions are mentoring programs, small-group meetings, and training exercises without troops (TEWTs).
Another excellent tool is to use commander/FSO tactical exercises without troops (TEWTs) to rehearse the timing and movements as they relate to minimum safe distances (MSDs) or risk estimate distances (REDs).