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TEXACOThe Texas Company
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According to Forte oil 'the collaboration between Chevron lubricants, owner of Texaco brand and Forte Oil, a leading player in the retail distribution of petroleum products in Nigeria, would open new opportunities for motorists to purchase high-quality engine oil.'
Additionally, Chevron and WEX will build a comprehensive sales and marketing program for direct sales and will also support the local efforts of Chevron and Texaco marketers and retailers through a network of nearly 8,000 branded retail locations in the United States and Canada.
Texaco pumped it until 1992 when Ecuador's national company, Petroecuador, took over.
In Jamaica, plan is to raise the programme to all 67 of Texaco s service stations.
Texaco, under EPA's supervision, will excavate 20,000 cubic yards of soil contaminated with lead and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) as well as implement additional groundwater measures at the site.
To this day, hundreds of pools of black sludge remain where Texaco had dug waste pits to deposit contaminated water used in drilling oil wells.
We have four pairs of tickets to give away and each winner will also receive pounds 40 worth of Texaco vouchers.
The Court ignored (10) this cartel although through it defendants Texaco and Shell Oil in 1998 created two joint ventures, agreeing that one, Motiva Enterprises LLC, would operate for them in the eastern United States, and a second, Equilon Enterprises LLC, would operate for them in the west, and agreeing that through these two ventures the defendants' cartel would coordinate and fix higher, uniform prices for their national petroleum brands while eliminating other competition nationally and globally.
Las novelas Texaco de Patrick Chamoiseau y Barrancos del alba de Raphael Confiant, dos de los escritores martiniquenos mas importantes de las ultimas decadas, son un buen ejemplo de ello.
Texaco are offering five pairs of tickets for the semi-final clash against Nottingham Forest on Monday, May 16, and each winner will also receive pounds 50 worth of Texaco fuel vouchers to help fuel their journey.
Prasad said: We are very pleased to acquire Chevron Nigeria Holdings (parent company of Texaco) and this demonstrates further our vision in investing into the future of the downstream oil businesses in West Africa.
It is impossible to calculate the environmental damage Texaco caused with the tons of toxic material, open-air, unlined toxic waste pits, and more than 19 billion gallons of toxic wastewater--with saline levels six times that of ocean water and hydrocarbon and heavy-metals residues--that it dumped in the Ecuadoran jungle, as well as contamination from gas flares, which burned 2 million cubic meters of gas a day without any control.