TEXISTheater Exercise and Intelligence Simulation
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In developing the eJeghers Content Project, PubMed XML citations and a table of anatomic terms that Jeghers created to use in retrieving articles from the original collection were added to a specialized relational database, TEXIS. TEXIS is an SQL relational database with powerful text searching capabilities with its own scripting language, Vortex [3, 4].
Hay otros autores, como Mungaray, Ramirez y Texis (2005), y Carpintero (1998) y Ruiz (1995), que tambien sostienen el caracter unipersonal y familiar, informal y de subsistencia de este tipo de negocios.
(27) The Texis Cartel has reportedly developed a broad network of
For example, MS-13 cliques such as Fulton Locos Salvatruchas (FLS), the most violent of the identified gang cliques, operates in close conjunction with the Cartel de Texis in E1 Salvador, and has reportedly received training from Los Zetas at camps in Peten, Guatemala, near the Mexican border.
At the turn of the millennium, Ariba sought an enterprise search system for use with its Vignette content management system and selected Thunderstone's Texis product.
PRODUCTS: Texis, Webinator, Thunderstone Search Appliance, Texis Categorizer
Although it's meant to be user-friendly and intuitive, the device is "designed for extendibility." Since Search Appliance is based on Thunderstone's Texis software, companies have the option of upgrading search-and-indexing capabilities by installing the full Texis product.
Williams, The German legends of the Hairy Anchorite, with two Old French Texis of ~La vie de Saint Jehan Paulus' (Urbana, 193 5) (Illinois Studies 18).