TEXSTactical Explosive System
TEXSTactical Extraction System (Rapid Extrication System for Fire, Military and Swat)
TEXSTactical Exploitation Subsystem
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"Believe that tex? Do I believe in my own existence!"
"I have walked hundreds of miles this past summer, painting these texes on every wall, gate, and stile the length and breadth of this district.
Not but what this is a very good tex for rural districts.
An' when the Bible's such a big book, an' thee canst read all thro't, an' ha' the pick o' the texes, I canna think why thee dostna pick better words as donna mean so much more nor they say.
It sounds like a tex. But what's th' matter wi' th' lad?
Tex was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy During WWII serving in the European Theatre.
To be of service for those desiring to know Tex's Lnb Taxi's rates they have listed them in the following paragraph:
Tex Bernhardt, the owner is a former elected Texas Constable, and served as EMS-Director and medic for over 30 years in this area.