TEXTATechnical Extracts Traffic Analysis
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Natural history and population dynamics of the land snail Helix texta in Israel (Pulmonata, Helicidae).
The maps are produced on A3 sheets of paper using textas, coloured and lead pencils.
(33) Et pro confirmandam igitur hanc scriptura accipio de uos una adorra auro texta qui fuit empta en duos mille methtecales de auro, publicado en Gambra, Alfonso VI, pp.
Lo mas llamativo es el caso de los profesores de espanol, que al no considerarse las distorsiones producidas por el texta 3, pasan de una correlacion positiva media que, ademas, no es significativa (r=.54, p=.26), a una correlacion positiva fuerte que si es significativa (r=.93, p=.02).
Then I have my favourite writing strategies mind maps, graphic organisers, writing ideas on paper strips and bundling them together, writing collaborative retellings in different coloured texta, folded paper books, poetry templates, story starters, talking around a topic, using dot points, graffiti walls, drawing, journal writing, story maps and story boards, rocket writing, silent writing and partner writing.
Clark's personal equipment checklist includes electrical tape, a quality Texta and pencil and a good set of sailing gloves.
I'd done enough and she said, "can you sign this" and I said, "oh, okay, one final signing, I promise, and will you go away?" And she said, "yeah, yeah." So I'VE GOT a texta, (7) I'VE HELD her head straight and I'VE WRITTEN on her forehead, "Hi Mum, I've tried drugs for the first time." (Triple J radio Sydney, 29.2.00)
Renata and Sam's framed lithograph of The Communist Manifesto, typed in German and laid out to approximate the shape of the heads of Engels and Marx, has the phrase 'cancelled' scribbled across it in red texta at a party: 'Sam had pronounced it fair comment and said he thought they should leave it there.' (33)
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Penelopepoterat bis denos salva per annos Vivere, tam multis femina digna procis; Coniugium falsa poterat differre Minerva, Nocturno solvens texta diurna dolo; Visuram et quamvis nunquam speraret Ulixem, Illum exspectando facta remansit anus.