TEXTORTokamak EXperiment for Technology Oriented Research
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M, Ohgo, T, Philipps, V, Rubel, M, Huber, A, von Seggern, J, Ohya, K, Pospieszczyk, A, Schweer, B, "Application of W for Plasma Limiters in TEXTOR.
Papers include an Overview, descriptions of machine design and operation, and extensive account of most of the main tokamak physics achievements on TEXTOR, all written by the scientists working on TEXTOR.
Engineers from the FOM-Institut voor Plasmafysica "Rijnhuizen" together with their Russian colleagues have installed a new 140 GHz gyrotron at the TEXTOR tokamak of the Institut fur Plasmaphysik of the Forschungszentrum Julich in Germany.
In the past the FOM researchers on TEXTOR performed their research on ECRH and ECCD with a 0.
Demonstrative" Colour Concepts: Recognition Versus Preservation, MARK TEXTOR
large tokamak science), the Poloidal Divertor Agreement (divertor-related tokamak science and technology centered on the ASDEX Upgrade facility), and the TEXTOR Agreement (technology
Frege's Theory of Hybrid Proper Names Developed and Defended, MARK TEXTOR