TEXTORTokamak EXperiment for Technology Oriented Research
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Founded in 2010 by Australian Lynton, Textor and Fullbrook, CTF describes itself as the UK's "leading campaign consultancy".
When the sugary drinks tax was unveiled in 2016, Mr Textor said: "You can't tax people into healthy submission." He said a sugar levy was "the bluntest of policy instruments".
Textor, "Controversies in renal artery stenosis: a review by the American society of nephrology advisory group on hypertension," American Journal of Nephrology, vol.
However, the reasoning of Vattel and Textor is more in line with the nature of creating sovereigns.
(28.) Rafai AK, Textor M, Brunette DM, Waterfield JD (2004) Effect of titanium surface topography on macrophage activation and secretion of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines.
2009; Textor 2011), en colgajos cutaneos y asociado a ceramicas en columna vertebral en ratas (Delgado et al.
His explication of 'rhapsody' ("to sew or stitch together"), for instance, moves beyond Walter Ong and Ravisius Textor and shows how 'rhapsody' could denote a distinct genre of historical prose or be deployed in polemical writing.
(5.) Calhoun DA, Jones D, Textor S, et al.; American Heart Association Professional Education Committee.
John Textor, the chairman of Pulse Evolution which spearheaded the Tupac and Michael Jackson holograms, said it was critical to design real shows, not just to rely on holograms.