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TEnTTallahassee Ear, Nose, and Throat (Tallahassee, FL)
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At three o'clock one met little girls in white dresses and little boys in the round-collared shirts of the time, hurrying along the sidewalk on their way to the tent.
Every one ran to look inside the tent, and they saw two pretty white beds, all ready for Dorothy and Aunt Em, and a silver roost for Billina.
However, the decision reached, the Arab and his lieutenant discussed the details of their forthcoming ventures for a short time further, when Werper made his excuses and returned to his own tent for the comforts and luxury of a long-desired bath and shave.
Repeatedly he struck Jane Clayton in the face, until at last, half-conscious, she was dragged within his tent.
In the shadow of a tent the former was awaiting him.
He was sittin' in his tent, purtendin' not to 'ave ear av the racket.
Just before dusk several men approached the tent where he lay, and entered it.
Athos went up to the soldier, who pointed out the tent to him; immediately Monk and Athos turned towards it.
Damon and the guide to sleep on, others, similar, being set up in the tent where Tom and Ned were to sleep.
So the girl passed through the gates, bearing a white flag to show she was on a mission of peace, and came to Glinda's tent.
When she was sure The Sheik had gone, the little girl crawled to the shady side of the tent, where she lay quite still, hugging Geeka close to her breast, her little form racked at long intervals with choking sobs.
He rose, walked to and fro, put on a warm overcoat and a hat, and went out of the tent.