TF4Thunder Force IV (gaming)
TF4Toxicity Factor 4
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ES sham AP on (1995) [21] duration = 25 ear mins API: CO4 ES duration = AP2: HG 25 mins ES with ES with AcuSlim AcuSlim Richards NR >18 device to AP device to and Marley ES duration = thumb (1998) [22] 15-20 mins (without AP) AP: CO4, ES duration = TF4 15-20 mins Stainless steel needle (0.2 cm Sham AA needle point) using placebo to AP; no apply needles Hsu et al.
Na figura 1, estao apresentadas as curvas de deposicao dos bicos TF4, TTI e AIUB11004VS.
O bico TF4 depositou maiores volumes de calda de pulverizacao quando aplicada calda com 4% do adjuvante, sendo que a calda com 2% de adjuvante apresentou os menores valores de deposicao no centro do jato de pulverizacao (Figura 1).
And Tourism factors included Touristic Appeal (TF1), Accessibility to the site (TF2), Transportation to the base camp (TF3), Accommodation F&B facilities (TF4) and Other Public Utilities (TF5).
Accessibility to the site (TF2, mean=4.58), Transportation to the base camp (TF3,4.45) and accommodation and F&B facilities (TF4,4.5),whereas the other tourism factors with mean value between 3 to 4 are touristic appeal (TF1,3.75) and Other public utilities (TF5,3.69).
barhami from cold-seep sites TF1 through TF4 hosted symbionts with a single 16S sequence that was closely related to previously reported phylotype-I sequences (AY129091 and AY129106).
Germination was significantly decreased in seven lots (tf1, tf4, rg1, rg2, rg3, rg4, rg6) compared with the untreated lots.
For details contact The Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, The Poplars, Lightmoor, Telford, TF4 3QN or look at
BERNARD MILLER 23 Dawley Bank Dawley, Telford Shropshire TF4 2QF 01952 504580HANDS to Flying Stations!
MISS SONIA PRATT, of 6 Beames Close, Dawley, Telford, TF4 3SX, wishes to contact anyone who remembers her father who was a prisoner of war in Germany's Stalag X1A in 1942.
CHRISTINE FELLOWS 10 Connemara Meadow Horsehay Telford Shropshire TF4 3UF