TFAPTrade Facilitation Action Plan (Asia-Europe Meeting)
TFAPTropical Forest Action Plan(s)
TFAPTropical Forestry Action Programme
TFAPTextured Fine Art Paper
TFAPTotal Force Absorption Program (US Air Force)
TFAPTriglyceride Fatty Acid Pattern
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Funding for TFAP comes from a variety of sources, including the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education, Southern Arizona Legal Aid, the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, and the University of Arizona Foundation.
Of patients referred to the TFAP last year, 94% had not previously sought legal help for their problems.
Again, the problem was feeding on itself by slowing the whole aging process of fighter pilots; TFAP is seen as a way to work around the issue.
The Air Force put in place a linkage between TFAP pilots and an active-duty unit.
The TFAP concept of operations solution is to have a two ship of ARC aircraft (with an ARC supervisor pilot and the TFAP pilot) deploy to the active-duty unit.
The linkage to active duty during the TFAP pilot's time with the ARC has been spotty at best.
There are several differences between TFAP and FAP.
FAP will replace FRAP and Reserve involvement in TFAP for the combat air forces side.
In these ways TFAP is different from anything that has taken place in the past.
But in the TFAP the planners, the policy makers, the potential investors are brought in at an early stage, so that all of them can make an effort in attempting to solve the problem.
How does FAO, as the focal point of TFAP, propose to bring governments around to changing their ways regarding tropical forests?