TFAPTrade Facilitation Action Plan (Asia-Europe Meeting)
TFAPTropical Forest Action Plan(s)
TFAPTropical Forestry Action Programme
TFAPTextured Fine Art Paper
TFAPTotal Force Absorption Program (US Air Force)
TFAPTriglyceride Fatty Acid Pattern
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Ryan, J.D., director of TFAP. Across the country, medical-legal partnerships are found in a variety of settings, from universities to legal aid offices, hospitals, and law schools, Ms.
In conjunction with his physician, TFAP helped him obtain temporary state assistance and expedited Social Security disability benefits, enabling the family to keep its home and car.
As TFAP's timeline illustrates, contemporary feminist art originated in the late 1960, inspired by the women's liberation movement and its demands for social, economic, and political change.
Within TFAP, there are two categories of pilots authorized to participate with ARC units: INEX pilots are on first operational flying assignments, and LIMEX pilots have completed mission qualification training but have not yet accumulated the hours required to be declared experienced.
Again, the problem was feeding on itself by slowing the whole aging process of fighter pilots; TFAP is seen as a way to work around the issue.
FAP will replace FRAP and Reserve involvement in TFAP for the combat air forces side.
The Trade Facilitation Action Plan (TFAP) and the Investment Promotion Action Plan (IPAP) are examples of the former.
As part of the World Bank-initiated Tropical Forest Action Plan (TFAP), Woodlark is also being assessed as P.N.G.'s first site for World Heritage Listing.
One major corrective effort, the Tropical Forestry Action Plan (TFAP), works with individual nations to protect remaining forests and to encourage sustainable use of woodland resources.
It will also be the year in which the Tropical Forestry Action Plan (TFAP) is either reformed by its sponsors or brought down by bureaucratic constraints that critics say have almost crippled this first real global forestry effort.
I refer to the Tropical Forestry Action Plan (TFAP) in which 20 donor governments, four multilateral assistance banks (see box in November/December LOOKOUT column), and 15 international organizations have come together to stop the wasting of the tropical forests.