TFARTask Force for Administrative Reform (EU)
TFARTentative Finding and Recommendations
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The Vice-President has established a Reform Group of Commissioners, comprising Loyola de Palacio, Michaele Schreyer, Mario Monti, Franz Fischler, Poul Nielson, Pascal Lamy, and Antonio Vitorino, to offer advice on the issue and Reform Coordinator has also been appointed in each Directorate-General.Set up for a period of two years, the Task Force for Administrative Reform (TFAR) will be chaired by Claude Chane, Karel Van Miert's erstwhile Chef de Cabinet.
This portfolio of projects and programs include the NMCI, Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (Navy ERP), Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSSMC), Total Force Authorizations and Requirements System (TFARS), Navy manpower and personnel programs and NSIPS.