TFBATimber Frame Builders Association (South Africa)
TFBAThanks for Being Awesome
TFBAThe Foundation for Biblical Archaeology (Goldsboro, NC)
TFBATwisted Fork Bib Apron (chef clothing)
TFBAThai Fashion Brandname Association (Thailand)
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After TFBA derivatization of the fiber meshes, which exclusively occurs at the primary amino groups of the coated fiber surface, a higher fluorine content was found for the preactivated PPAAmcoated PLA meshes.
For instance, in Cytoscape all genes that have a promoter-binding site for TFBa (the protein encoded by tfbA) can be found; in DMV the expression values for all these genes can be selected, and in MeV or R these genes can be classified into groups of related expression values.
After a further 2 pore volumes it was then replaced with a tension infiltrometer containing bromide, DFBA, and PFBA, then finally replaced with a tension infiltrometer containing bromide, DFBA, PFBA, and TFBA. At the cessation of the experiment, the first 5 mm of the core was discarded as it contained contact material, then the next 20 mm of the core was subsampled, in quadruplicate, to extract the tracers and to measure the soil water contents.