TFBGAThin & Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array
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The PCB is a Pb-free design and the TFBGAs were soldered with SAC 305 paste.
X-ray inspection of the identified failure locations on the TFBGAs indicated possible non-wetting between the paste and solder balls.
The MCS8144 NAP has all the features of the MCS8142 but is offered in a 292 TFBGA and supports two x1 lane PCI Express ports.
All parts are RoHS compliant and the x16 parts are available in the IM, 2M, 4M and 8M densities in both the 44-pin TSOPII and 48-ball TFBGA packages.
One of the smallest devices in the family, which consumes less than 10 microamps in standby mode and comes in TFBGA packages as compact as 5x5 mm, can easily integrate two high speed UARTs and an additional SDIO port, as well as the processor interface required.
The new part is offered either in TFBGA 7x7 package or in very small footprint Solder Bump die form.
The new configurable registered buffer is available in a 176 Ball TFBGA green package.
EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands -- NXP, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, today announced the availability of BGM220, the world's smallest, single-package 81-pin TFBGA, Wireless LAN (WLAN) solution, with ultra low power consumption optimized for handheld applications such as feature phones and smartphones, handheld game consoles and PDAs.
It is available in both an 8x8mm 121-ball CTBGA and a 12x12mm 196-ball TFBGA lead-free package.
A next-generation, large scale integration FIR (Fast Infrared)/VFIR (Very Fast Infrared) controller in a TFBGA package, the ASDL-7021 complements Avago's broad portfolio of infrared IrDA[R] transceivers and IrSimple protocol software to provide design engineers with a comprehensive solution for high-speed wireless connectivity.
ChipX offers an extensive array of packaging options for portable consumer devices, including diminutive wafer scale packaging ("die bumping"), bare die, small footprint TFBGA and QFN packages.
The new B32865 (INSSTUB32865) is available in a 160-ball TFBGA package, the B32868 (INSSTUB32868) in a 176-ball TFBGA package, and the B32869 (INSSTUB32869) in a 150 ball TFBGA package.