TFBUTTear Film Break-Up Time (ophthalmology)
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Slit lamp evaluation had not shown epithelial damage, and there were no signs of inflammation, but only a reduced Tear Film Break-Up Time (TFBUT) of 4 seconds in RE and 8 seconds in LE had been recorded.
Normal TFBUT is from 15-34 seconds and if it is less than 10 seconds it is considered abnormal.
The severity and frequency of DED symptoms including ocular discomfort, visual symptoms, conjunctival injection and staining, corneal staining, corneal/tear signs, lid/Meibomian glands, Schirmer's test, and TFBUT test were graded on a 4-point scale ranging from level 1 (mild and/or episodic) to level 4 (severe and/or disabling and constant).
Suggestive findings on Schirmer (<5 mm wetting after 5 minutes) and TFBUT <10 sec,
It is calculated by dividing tear film break-up time (TFBUT) by inter-blink interval (IBI).
Tear Film Break up Time (TFBUT): It assess the ability of the precorneal tear film to maintain its integrity: