TFCATropical Forest Conservation Act
TFCATransfrontier Conservation Area (South Africa)
TFCATransportation Fund for Clean Air
TFCAToronto Film Critics Association (Canada)
TFCATask Force Cyber Awakening (US Navy)
TFCATasmanian Forest Contractors Association
TFCATexas Fire Chiefs Association
TFCATennessee Football Coaches Association
TFCATropical Forest Conservation Agreement
TFCATrust Fund Cooperative Agreement
TFCATotal Force Capability Assessment
TFCATEAR Fund Christian Action (New Zealand)
TFCATrust Foreign Currency Account
TFCATennessee Foster Care Association, Inc.
TFCATraditional Flatwater Canoeing Association
TFCATaiwan Fashion Color Association
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En esta coyuntura, el TFCA favorecio a la Camara, con lo que me declaro reinstalado a partir del 1 de agosto de 2016, cortando los salarios vencidos que se generarian a partir de esta fecha.
Operation Rolling Tide included a cyber-platform risk assessment and a unified response through TFCA. TFCA examined Navy IT systems holistically in response to cyber threats that run the gamut from an individual sophisticated hacker to rogue and nation-states.
Since the early 2000s in southern Africa, Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) have been created to promote biodiversity conservation and local development (1).
KAZA TFCA was formed in 2011 to establish a world-class Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA) and tourism destination in the Kavango and Zambezi River Basin regions of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe within the context of sustainable development.
Congress enacted the Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA; P.L.
A large tourism project under the ITB Berlin spotlight was the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA), a conservation park of 280,000 sq km (or the size of Italy) which should be operational by 2010.
The Tax Technical Corrections Act of 1998 (TFCA) establishes a 10% penalty on specific conversion assets if accessed during the 5-year holding period that begins with the year in which the conversion contribution was made.
Meanwhile, the partner countries in southern Africa's most ambitious tourism venture are piling on the pressure to have the LimpopoShashe Transfrontier Conservation TFCA area ready in time for the 2010 World Cup.
Estados Unidos cedio 7 millones de dolares en el contexto de la TFCA. Por su parte Nature Conservancy, Conservation Internacional y World Widlife Fund aportaron 1,4 millones de dolares.
government funds authorized under the Tropical Forest Conservation Act of 1998 (TFCA) and $2 million from TNC and CIF.
In addition, the President's request provides $300 million to fund bilateral debt reduction for the Democratic Republic of the Congo under the HIPC Initiative, as well as $20 million for debt reduction under the Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA).