TFCATropical Forest Conservation Act
TFCATransfrontier Conservation Area (South Africa)
TFCATransportation Fund for Clean Air
TFCAToronto Film Critics Association (Canada)
TFCATask Force Cyber Awakening (US Navy)
TFCATasmanian Forest Contractors Association
TFCATexas Fire Chiefs Association
TFCATennessee Football Coaches Association
TFCATropical Forest Conservation Agreement
TFCATrust Fund Cooperative Agreement
TFCATotal Force Capability Assessment
TFCATEAR Fund Christian Action (New Zealand)
TFCATrust Foreign Currency Account
TFCATraditional Flatwater Canoeing Association
TFCATennessee Foster Care Association, Inc.
TFCATaiwan Fashion Color Association
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GIZ is contributing towards implementation of the regional TFCA programs (2013) within the context of the SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development plan 2015-2020 (RISDP).
What we found through TFCA is that we could not fix everything, and it was unaffordable to try, so we organized under mission priority and cyber resilience as opposed to cybersecurity," Johnson said.
No obstante, con fecha 3 de agosto de 2015 el TFCA me notifico que el entonces secretario de Movilidad del Gobierno del Distrito Federal, Rufino H.
The extensive wildlife-livestock-human interface areas in TFCAs potentially result in human-wildlife conflicts, including crop destruction by wildlife, competition for resources between wild and domestic ungulates, livestock predation by wild carnivores, and poaching of wildlife; these conflicts are likely to increase as wildlife populations expand (2).
Recently, the Namibian component of KAZA TFCA was completed and its five year Integrated Development Plan for the period 2013 to 2017 was launched by Minister of Environment and Tourism, Hon Uahekua Herunga in the Caprivi Region.
Initiatives like the Limpopo-shashe TFCA can help South Africa's neighbours to benefit from some opportunities accruing from the World Cup finals in South Africa," Verhoef maintains.
Other southern African TFCAs are Planned further north, such as the Chimanimani Park between Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and another round Lake Malawi.
The Mozambique portion of the proposed TFCA, which makes up 72 per cent of the whole is around the size of Wales.
One of the investment priorities derived from the TFCA effort was for the installation of control points which allow the Navy to segment or isolate portions of the network after a breach is detected.
The TFCA request of $20 million will be used to authorize debt relief for low and middle income countries to support conservation of tropical forests.
Hace un ano, el 2 de octubre de 2008, un grupo de maestros de la Seccion 9 de la CNTE presento un juicio de amparo indirecto contra la decision del pleno del TFCA del Distrito Federal que el 27 de agosto de ese ano otorgo el registro o toma de nota al comite encabezado por Maria Teresa Perez Ramirez, quien habia sido auxiliar de Blanca Luna Becerril, diputada federal por el Partido Nueva Alianza (Panal), creado por Gordillo.