TFCETheoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering (journal; Russia)
TFCETransmit Flow Control Enable (computing)
TFCETracy Farmer Center for the Environment (University of Kentucky)
TFCEThe Flattest Century in the East (biking)
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Moreover, much of what Schacter and the TFCE say about how civic education might be revitalized makes good sense.
Otherwise, some future historian of the discipline may cite the TFCE along with earlier APSA efforts when she tries to explain to her colleagues why "civic education in academic political science" has always been something of an oxymoron.
It is not encouraging to note that the intellectual legacy and dominant research programs in academic political science have probably done more to obscure than clarify our theoretical understanding of these issues or that, initiatives like the TFCE notwithstanding, this legacy has led political scientists to virtually ignore them as matters of pedagogical concern or professional ethics.