TFCETheoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering (journal; Russia)
TFCETransmit Flow Control Enable (computing)
TFCETracy Farmer Center for the Environment (University of Kentucky)
TFCEThe Flattest Century in the East (biking)
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Compared to HCs, ALS patients exhibited a decreased FA (p <.05, TFCE corrected) in the WM underneath the precentral gyri, in the body of the corpus callosum (CC) and in the bilateral anterior cingulate bundles (Figure 1), while no significant differences were observed in whole-brain MD, AD, and RD values.
S-AES scores were positively correlated with RD measures (Figure 2) (p <.05, TFCE corrected) in the splenium of the CC.
Voxel-based morphometry analysis revealed that, compared with the active control group, the training with TCSSL group showed a statistically significant larger training-related decrease in the rGMV of the junction of the left middle and STG and left middle and superior occipital gyri (Figure 3; x, y, z = -55.5, -78, -1.5; TFCE value = 1865.79; P = 0.032, corrected for multiple comparisons using TFCE (family wise error), 8619.75 mm with the threshold of P < 0.05, corrected for multiple comparisons using TFCE).
The results shown were obtained using a threshold of threshold-free cluster enhancement (TFCE), P <0.05 based on 5000 permutations.
I think most political scientists may be sympathetic to the ideal of civic education and, thus, with the TFCE's efforts.
In response to the TFCE's invitation for "reactions and contributions," I want to suggest that the most significant obstacle to the revitalization of civic education in academic political science is that--sympathies notwithstanding--such efforts are likely to be considered by many, if not most, political scientists, as "pure futility and waste." This was how William Bennett Munro characterized the discipline's civic education efforts in his APSA Presidential Address back in 1927.
Compared to the normal controls (NCs), significantly lower fractional anisotropy (FA) values were observed in the left angular gyrus (AG), right cerebellum (CB), left precentral gyrus (PreCG), left lateral occipital region (LOC), left superior longitudinal fasciculus (SLF), left supramarginal gyrus (SMG), and left postcentral gyrus (PostCG) in SCI patients (p < 0.01, TFCE corrected) (Table 2 and Figure 1).
The significance of the permutation test was corrected for multiple comparisons with the TFCE correction [61], and clusters determined by the threshold (1 - P) > 0.95 (or equivalently P < 0.05) on the corrected P maps were considered significant.
Our first DTI analysis tested all voxels of the average WM skeleton for significant group differences and correlations with age and hearing loss, using the ANCOVA TFCE approach described above.
The significance threshold for intergroup differences was set at P < 0.05 after correcting for family wise error (FWE) using the threshold-free cluster enhancement (TFCE) option in permutation-testing tool in FSL.