TFCFTropical Forest Conservation Fund (various nations)
TFCFTracy Fish Collection Facility (California)
TFCFTaiwan Fund for Children and Families
TFCFTime-Frequency Correlation Function
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The TFCF mission is to provide pretrial confinement and posttrial incarceration for U.S.
The range of instructor rank provided an excellent opportunity for Soldiers to ask questions pertinent to their ranks, roles, and responsibilities within the TFCF. Furthermore, the trainers had recently returned from Kuwait, where they had conducted the same mission to which 2d Platoon was assigned.
Once a Soldier was ordered into pretrial confinement, unit escorts would escort him to Kuwait where he would be turned over to the TFCF Navy personnel.
Military justice paralegals coordinated with the units to make sure they inventoried the accused's possessions prior to trial in a non-invasive and non-humiliating manner, and that the pretrial confinement checklist (provided by the TFCF) was largely complete.
Liu said that even though Wei had to clean her grandpa's excrement before going to school every day during his final stage of cancer and rushed home at noon to prepare lunches for the two senior family members, she had been top of her class and 'the walls at her home are fully pasted up with certificates of awards." She is an independent, resolute, considerate yet pitiful child, the TFCF supervisor said.
(TFCFA, TFCF), in connection with Disney's acquisition of 21CF, announced that the per share value of the Merger Consideration has been calculated in accordance with the Merger Agreement to be $51.572626.
Twenty-nine-year-old Lin Ching-mei walked into the Pingtung office of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) in early November and told social work supervisor Huang Shu-ling that she wished to find her foster parents, who took care of her 20 years ago.
On the day Lin walked into the TFCF's Pingtung office, she told Huang that she had come to Pingtung from Taichung three times in the past in a bid to find her foster parents, but as her memories of 20 years ago were so sketchy that she had no luck of finding the home of her foster parents no matter how hard she tried, so she went back to Taichung with tears in her eyes every time.