TFCNThe Federal Contractor Network
TFCNTaytay First Church of the Nazarene (Philippines)
TFCNThe Fabric Communication Network (Canada)
TFCNTask Force Coordination Net
TFCNTreaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation
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Consider first, the issue of whether the TFCN deals with the question of which corporate law regime is to apply.
Similarly, the Bundesgerichtshof has never addressed the question of whether the TFCN applies only to those foreign corporations that have a genuine link with the state of incorporation.
[The Law of the Enterprise and the Internal Market--E Pluribus Unum?], 62 RABELS ZEITSCHRIFT FUR AUSLANDISCHES UND INTERNATIONALS PRIVATRECHT [RABELSZ] 195, 211 (1998) (noting that the relevant treaty provision does not replace the real seat rule as a whole); see also Bernhard Grossfeld & Susanne Erlinghagen, Internationales Unternehmensrecht und deutsche unternehmerische Mitbestimmung [International Corporate Law and German Codetermination], 48 JURISTENZEITUNG [JZ] 217, 224-25 (1993) (on file with author) (arguing that the TFCN prescribes at most the internal affairs doctrine with regard to the legal capacity of corporations but leaving open the possibility that the TFCN does not concern conflict of laws questions at all).