TFCPTime for Cleaning Products (Australia)
TFCPTerra Firma Capital Partners (est. 1994; UK)
TFCPThe Fara Charles Project (fashion)
TFCPTyco Flow Control Pacific (water industry; various locations)
TFCPTherapeutic Foster Care Program (youth welfare; various locations)
TFCPToronto Federation of Chinese Parents
TFCPThe Filipino Community in Palau
TFCPTwenty First Century Publishers, Ltd. (UK)
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(92.) Republic of South Africa, Press release, Ministry Of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Speech by Valli Moosa, Signing Ceremony on the Establishment of Ai Ais-Richtersveld TFCP, 17 August 2001.
The Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Tourism stated that the establishment of TFCPs was "part of a regional collaboration aimed at the eradication of political fences in the interest of responsible environmental management and conservation with high potential for tourism growth and development".
The establishment of TFCPs has drawn international media attention and has been welcomed as an example of how co-operation and peace between countries in Southern Africa and the world can be cemented.
This shows how tenuous the TFCPs can be if political stability is not achieved in all the countries involved in the parks.
On most of the borders of the TFCPs, border control between South Africa and the partner countries in these projects, namely Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, is not very effective at all.