TFDMTechnical Feasibility Demonstration Model
TFDMTactical Fighter Dispensing Munitions
TFDMTopographic Features Data Management (US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
TFDMTerminal Flight Data Manager (US FAA)
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Through utilizing TFDM, it would also allow the digital flight plans, which are used to estimate arrivals, routings, gate push-backs, departures and overall airport demand, to be shared in real-time among air traffic controllers, aircraft operators and airports.
TFDM will work by integrating digital flight plans with surface surveillance data to real-time predictive tools for the terminal environment.
Analysis of variance for the variables total fruit fresh matter (TFFM), total fruit dry matter (TFDM), total number of fruits (TNF), fruit transversal diameter (FTD), number of flowers (NFL) and number of aborted flowers (NAFL) of cherry tomato as a function of the salinity level in the nutrient solution (ECsol), time of exposure to salinity (TES) and irrigation frequency (IF) Source DF Mean square of variation TFFM TFDM TNF Block 4 14448.
According to Luciad, the FAA commissioned MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MIT LL) to develop a prototype reference implementation for TFDM, a new terminal automation platform.