TFDPTask Force Detainees of the Philippines
TFDPTexas Fair Defense Project (Austin, TX)
TFDPTask Force on Donor Practices (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development)
TFDPThird Forestry Development Project (environmentally friendly forest engineering; World Bank; Bhutan)
TFDPtendão flexor digital profundo
TFDPTime for Digital Prints (photography)
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Las indicaciones descritas para realizar tenoscopia de la vaina tarsiana son tenosinovitis cronica con baja respuesta a tratamientos sistemicos, desbridamiento de masas o adherencias entre la vaina y el tendon, mineralizacion de la superficie y estructuras profundas del TFDP, remocion del fragmentos del sustentaculo del talon del calcaneo, desbridamiento y lavado en infecciones de la vaina tarsiana (9).
TFDP has a distinguished record as the leading domestic
The human rights education program of TFDP relies on trainers whose
textbook developed by TFDP is used in many colleges, universities, and
the process of reaching these groups, TFDP adds to the ranks of its
Dakila's social media drive is part of an ongoing "Never Again" campaign waged by organizations such as TFDP and Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND).
Aquino's inaction on the plight of Mariano Umbrero highlighted the lack of compassion from the president to victims of human rights abuse, Emmanuel Amistad, executive director of TFDP, said.