TFDPTask Force Detainees of the Philippines
TFDPTexas Fair Defense Project (Austin, TX)
TFDPTask Force on Donor Practices (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development)
TFDPThird Forestry Development Project (environmentally friendly forest engineering; World Bank; Bhutan)
TFDPtendão flexor digital profundo
TFDPTime for Digital Prints (photography)
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Valle was escorted by Pestanas and other TFDP members to the Bishop's House in Barangay Balangasan in this city.
The TFDP documented human-rights violations during the first 1,000 days of the Aquino regime (March 1986 to November 1988) as follows: 11,911 cases of illegal arrest, 705 summary executions, 88 frustrated summary executions, six deaths associated with cruel treatment of prison conditions, 125 massacres with 480 fatalities and 138 wounded, 136 counts of frustrated massacre, 1,676 torture victims, 224 involuntary disappearances, 25 civilian deaths in counterinsurgency-related hostilities, 37,133 dislocated families in 64 refugee camps and 500 families in 37 barangays were subjected to food and economic blockade.
A varredura do TFDS, do TFDP e do LAPP foi realizada com posicionamento palmar da regiao do boleto (Figura 2), de acordo com protocolo padrao.
Ja a media encontrada para o TFDP de 1,58 [cm.sup.2] foi bastante inferior ao divulgado pelos mesmos autores, que consideraram fisiologicos valores de ate 2,04 [cm.sup.2].
Las indicaciones descritas para realizar tenoscopia de la vaina tarsiana son tenosinovitis cronica con baja respuesta a tratamientos sistemicos, desbridamiento de masas o adherencias entre la vaina y el tendon, mineralizacion de la superficie y estructuras profundas del TFDP, remocion del fragmentos del sustentaculo del talon del calcaneo, desbridamiento y lavado en infecciones de la vaina tarsiana (9).
TFDP.(104) The incident, signaling restricted NGO access to
But in the view of Edmund Espina, who heads the TFDP
"Secretary Leila de Lima formally ordered the reconvening of the Presidential Committee on Bail, Recognisance and Pardon [PCBREP] to start the review for the release of political prisoners in the country," TFDP said.
The TFDP documented thousands of human rights violations cases and helped detainees and their families during the martial law years.
Aquino's inaction on the plight of Mariano Umbrero highlighted the lack of compassion from the president to victims of human rights abuse, Emmanuel Amistad, executive director of TFDP, said.
Emmanuel Amistad, executive director of Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP), noted that the Facebook page "Bongbong Marcos for President" had gained more than 100,000 "likes'' from people who want the dictator's only son back in power.