TFETTunneling Field Effect Transistor
TFETTrust Fund for East Timor (World Bank; Asian Development Bank)
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* optimizing memory using TFET, focusing on the exploitation of its negative differential-resistance effect to build ultralow-power SRAM, flip-flops, and refresh-free DRAM; and
In addition, the proposed TFET designs are competitive in terms of area, performance, and static power consumption.
"Enabling TFET-based DRAM and integrating TFET standard cells into CMOS designs will allow circuit designers to take advantage of the best features of both technologies."
Caption: FIGURE 5: IDS -VGS electrical characteristic of a fabricated Si TFET at 300 K and 1.7 K, for three different source/drain VDS bias.
Our approach is to exploit the nanodamascene process to fabricate different nanoelectronic devices such as MIM capacitors, metallic SETs, nanocrystalline silicon TFETs, and planar nanometric RRAMs.
9 Science, Wang and colleagues describe how they built a modified MOSFET with an embedded TFET. Like other MOSFETs used in flash memory, the new transistor exploits quantum tunneling electrons, but the presence of the TFET allows it to run on very little energy.
Bhowmick, "An algorithm for extraction of threshold voltage in heterojunction TFETs," IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, vol.
Choi, "Miller effect suppression of tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs) using capacitor neutralisation," Electronics Letters, vol.
IBM scientists are researching tunnel field effect transistors (TFETs).
Recently, IBM has developed a novel method to integrate III-V nanowires and heterostructures directly on standard silicon substrates and built the first ever InAs/Si tunnel diodes and TFETs using InAs as source and Si as channel with wrap-around gate as steep slope device for low power consumption applications.
In search of device technologies beyond FinFETs and GAA nanowires for sub-0.5-V operations, imec said it is investigating InGaAs tunnel-FETs (TFETs).