TFF1Trefoil Factor Family 1
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While the researchers acknowledged that further studies are needed to examine the link between COBRA1, the AP-1 complex and TFF1 in HCC in order to draw a clearer conclusion, their study nevertheless suggest potential involvement of COBRA1 in the pathogenesis and development of HCC, as well as its function as tumor suppressor.
TFF1 and TFF3 are both found in the nervous tissue, however, to a much lower extent than in the mucous epithelia.
Since TFF1 and TFF3 are found in the adult brain of mice and rats, it is interesting to investigate their expression in mouse embryonic nervous tissue, and also to screen for their presence in the neurons of the peripheral nervous system both in adult animals and embryos.
B site in IL-8 (left) and ERa to an ERE in TFF1 (right) analyzed by ChIP and quantified by QRT-PCR; all values were normalized to input and set relative to vehicle IgG.
TFF1 is a protein encoded by the TFF1 gene, which is also called pS2 gene.
GATA3 and TFF1 are 2 recently described, sensitive markers for identifying a tumor with a breast origin, which is rarely positive in other gynecologic carcinomas, including endometrial ADCs, endocervical ADCs, ovarian serous carcinomas, and clear cell carcinomas.
To test possible cross-reactivity, we prepared recombinant human TFF1 and TFF2 at a concentration of 40 nmol/L in assay buffer.
No cross-reactivity was observed for the two other trefoil peptides, TFF1 and TFF2.
Synthesis of TFF1-siRNA and Cell Transfection mRNA sequence of TFF1 was obtained from GeneBank.
Detection of TFF1 protein expression by western blot
The TFF1 gene is involved in cell proliferation and also serves as a biomarker gene responding to estrogens (Brown et al.
TFF1 is generally accepted as one of the most reliable estrogen-responsive biomarker genes for in vitro MCF-7 breast cancer cells (Jorgensen et al.