TFFDTangential Frequency Filtering Decomposition
TFFDTerra Firma-Forme Dermatosis
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Terra firma-forme dermatosis (TFFD) also known as Duncan's dirty dermatosis was initially reported by Duncan in 1987.2 It derives its name from the Latin phrase terra-firma meaning dry land (dirt), thus implying dirt-like dermatosis.
The diagnosis of TFFD is confirmed by forceful rubbing with a gauze pad immersed into 70% isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol.
So TFFD is retention, rather than a proliferative hyperkeratosis.1,4
Dermatosis neglecta is due to poor hygiene or inadequate skin cleansing, whereas TFFD is seen in clean individuals.
Sistemik belirtilere yol acmayan ve kolaylikla teshis ve tedavi edilebilen bir hastalik olmasi nedeni ile TFFD, hiperpigmente lezyonlarin ayirici tanisinda daima goz onunde bulundurulmalidir.