TFFMTidewater Friends of Folk Music (Virginia)
TFFMTask Force on Financial Mechanisms (WSIS)
TFFMTotal Skeletal Fat-Free Muscle
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The follow-up analysis of the interactions revealed that TFFM production of cherry tomato decreased linearly with the increase in NS salinity level (ECsol) and this decreased was less pronounced as a function of TES.
1] on, the time during which plants were subjected to this solution influenced TFFM production at each salinity level until the highest one (10.
Analysis of variance for the variables total fruit fresh matter (TFFM), total fruit dry matter (TFDM), total number of fruits (TNF), fruit transversal diameter (FTD), number of flowers (NFL) and number of aborted flowers (NAFL) of cherry tomato as a function of the salinity level in the nutrient solution (ECsol), time of exposure to salinity (TES) and irrigation frequency (IF) Source DF Mean square of variation TFFM TFDM TNF Block 4 14448.