TFFSTransaction Flash File System
TFFSTrue Ffs
TFFSTheory of Finite Fermi Systems (physics)
TFFSThe Filthy Frank Show (video series)
TFFSTask Force on Finance Statistics
TFFSTransaction Flash FileSystem (Tevero)
TFFSTrue Fault-Free Set
TFFSTimberland Forest Fire Systems Ltd
TFFSThe Future Foundation School (India)
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Louis Marc Ducharme, Director of the IMF's Statistics Department, praised the work of the TFFS saying that "The importance of the work on debt statistics continues to be reinforced by global developments.
Thanks to TFFS technology, the new thermoformed pouch is being produced, filled, lidded, and printed all in-line, thus increasing production and material efficiencies.
Van Hemelryk had seen TFFS machines at regional food shows and learned more about them in talking with his peers.
The TFFs share a completely conserved distinctive motif of six cysteine residues, which form three disulfide bonds and define the "trefoil" domain, which is also known as a "P" domain [9].
Research on trefoil factor family (TFF) peptides started in 1982, when pancreatic spasmolytic polypeptide, today known as TFF2, and sP2 peptide, today known as TFF1 were discovered [1].