TFGTransitional Federal Government
TFGTrading Figure Game (Pokemon)
TFGTetragon Financial Group (Guernsey, Channel Islands)
TFGTotal Fishing Gear (UK)
TFGTriple Fat Goose (Sayreville, NJ)
TFGTask and Finish Group (UK)
TFGTogether for God (various organizations)
TFGTactical Fighter Group (USAF)
TFGTimber Framers Guild
TFGTask Force Group (various organizations)
TFGTaken for Granted
TFGThe Freedonia Group (est. 1985; market research)
TFGThe Futures Group
TFGToo Far Gone
TFGThree-F Giken Co., Ltd. (Japan)
TFGThe Facility Group (various locations)
TFGThe Fitz Group (Addison, TX)
TFGThe Forever Glamorous
TFGThe Financial Group
TFGThe Fall Guy
TFGThe Family Groove (online magazine)
TFGTechnical Forum Group
TFGTwo from Galilee
TFGTeacher Focus Group
TFGTerremark Federal Group (Terremark Worldwide, Inc.)
TFGTrapped Floor Gulley
TFGThéatre Firmin Gémier (French theater)
TFGTalleres Florencio Gomez (Spanish transport system manufacturer)
TFGThe Forbidden Gates (video game)
TFGTime for Good (Christian volunteering group; UK)
TFGTechnical Focus Group
TFGTechnologie–Fonds GmbH (German, now TFG Venture Capital)
TFGTransportation Facility Guide
TFGTerrain and Feature Generation
TFGTentative Force Guidance
TFGTerminal Facilities Guide
TFGTransfer Flame Generator
TFGTeen Fellowship Group
TFGTotal Financial Group (various locations)
TFGTreacalicious Fun Gang (fiction-based organisation from the books published by knn publishing inc.)
TFGTRK (Tyrosine Kinase)-Fused Gene (biology)
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In accordance with the terms of the offer, the Master Fund has accepted for purchase 4,310,341 TFG non-voting shares at a purchase price of USD 11.
Al-Shabab's already limited military resources and manpower, estimated to number only 5,000-9,000 frontline fighters, have been stretched thin by the simultaneous offensives by AMISOM and the TFG in Mogadishu, their ASWJ allies in regions along Somalia's western borders, and the recent Kenyan incursion in the south toward the vital port city of Kismayo.
TFG officials recognized trafficking as a problem, but acknowledged that it is not a priority.
In June 2008, the TFG and the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia (ARS), a group dominated by members of the ICU, signed an agreement in Djibouti mediated by then-United Nations Special Envoy Ahmedou Ould-Abdullah.
Owning over twenty brands, including well known names such as G-Star Raw and Phase Eight, TFG has a vast number of suppliers to monitor.
John Ledger, head of hi, the mobile division of TFG, said, 'Customers will be financially protected and covered for financial losses incurred due to online cyber fraud - this includes protection from fraudulent online purchases, virus attacks, fraudulent EFTs, phishing scams, fraudulent in-app purchases, as well as tap-and-pay fraud.
Crunchbase reported Numerix acquired TFG for an undisclosed amount.
The CEO added that, after the SET listing, TFG will put forward its plan to expand the export markets for its fresh poultry meat products to include the European Union (EU) and Japan, as a way to increase the percentage of export revenue.
El TFG debe realizarse en la fase final del plan de estudios y estar orientado a la evaluacion de competencias asociadas al titulo.
1993) reported that oral administration of TFG seed extract (10 and 100 mg/day per 300 g body weight) enhanced feed intake with motivation to eat in rats and also induced hyperinsulinemia and hypocholesterolemia.
TFG is a major financial services holding company offering banking, leasing, insurance and investment banking services mainly in Mongolia.
The kidnapping of two French security consultants sent to train Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) soldiers was allegedly masterminded by a relative of a former minister in the TFG and a deputy leader of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), a predecessor of al-Shabab.