TFGATasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (Australia)
TFGATexas Fingerstyle Guitar Association
TFGAToronto Fingerstyle Guitar Association (Canada)
TFGATools for Getting Along (educational program)
TFGATennessee Feed and Grain Association
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This study was a secondary analysis of data collected as part of a three-year efficacy trial of the Tools for Getting Along (TFGA) curriculum (see Daunic et al., 2012).
Explaining why the industry prefers to hire backpackers who are mostly migrant workers, TFGA Chief Executive Jan Davis said, quoted by The Age, "Fruit picking and vegetable picking by definition is seasonal so the thought that we would get long-term full-time positions out of it is not a realistic one."
"For three years, Tasmanian pig producers will be at a cost disadvantage with producers in other states," TFGA chief executive Jan Davis said.
"The TFGA will do its part to try to convince McCain to reconsider its move", Oldfield said.