TFGSTransitional Federal Government of Somalia
TFGSThin Film Gas Sensor
TFGSToronto Facial Grading System (facial nerve dysfunction)
TFGSTriangle Fixed Guideway Study (Triangle Transit Authority; North Carolina)
TFGSTraffic Flow Guidance System (transportation science)
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With great appreciation of fundamental contributions by other researchers, we further extracted and purified saponin from TFGs, investigated its dyslipidemia-modulating activities in obese rats' models, and systematically illustrated their lipid-lowering mechanisms.
TFGs were provided by Bozhou-ShuZhong Chinese herbal medicine industry Ltd., China.
Consistent with the present study, the extract of TFGs is reported to decrease serum lipid in diabetic rabbits, (19) patients, (18) and rats.
In a TFG, the fork elements experience a force perpendicular to their plane of vibration in response to an angular rate of rotation.
Mr Price refers to minutes of an Assembly Cabinet meeting last November which asserted "that the TFG had not had the effect of encouraging Welsh students to study in Welsh Higher Education Institutions."
In fact, argues Mr Price, there has been an increase in the proportion of full-time students choosing to stay in Wales from 63% to 66% since the TFG was introduced in 2006.
This is in my view enough in itself to render the decision to abolish the TFG vulnerable to judicial review."
The double special issue of Informatica comprises reviewed invited and selected articles from the TFG meetings held at the Second AgentLink III Technical Forum (AL3-TF2).
To this end, the TFG Chairs were asked to produce first of all a survey of the main issues as they arose in the work and scientific debate at their TFG meetings, and then possibly to invite some of the most prominent participants to illustrate the hottest topics in their specific field of discussion.
A warm thanks goes to the AL3-TF2 TFG Chairs who have so actively cooperated in inviting, selecting, and collecting the papers for these Special Issues, and to the reviewers, who have contributed so much to the improvement of the scientific level of every paper in this collection.
In early May 2009, Somali extremist groups backed by foreign fighters, launched a major offensive against the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia and the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM).
According to Sheik Husayn Fidow, "the Muslim people of Somalia have asked for assistance from other Muslim nations worldwide." In response to these well coordinated attacks, TFG President Sheik Sharif Ahmad stated that "the administration is prepared to preserve until free elections are held.