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TFHETactical Fuels Handling Equipment
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(ii) TFHE.KeyGen(params): run the KeyGen algorithms in Section 4 to get
(iii) TFHE.Enc(params, [pk.sub.i], [[mu].sub.i]): for i [member of] [2], run the Enc algorithm in Section 4 to get a ciphertext C; and the corresponding random matrix [R.sub.i] [member of] [{0, 1}.sup.mxN].
(iv) TFHE.Expand(params,([pk.sub.1], [pk.sub.2]), [C.sub.i], [H.sub.i]): given [C.sub.i] and [H.sub.i], when i = 1, run the linear combination algorithm to generate a matrix [X.sub.1] = LComb(([C.sup.(1,1).sub.1], ..., [C.sup.(m,N).sub.1]), [b.sub.2] - [b.sub.1]), such that
(v) TFHE.Eval(params, f, ([[??].sub.1], [[??].sub.2])): on inputting two expanded ciphertexts, run Eval algorithm in Section 4, albeit with expanded dimensions n' := 2n + 2 and N' = 2N, and the gadget matrix [mathematical expression not reproducible].
(vi) TFHE.Dec(params,([sk.sub.1], [sk.sub.2]), [[??].sub.f]): on inputting a ciphertext [[??].sub.f] and two secret keys [sk.sub.1] and [sk.sub.2], parse [sk.sub.1] = [s.sub.1] and [sk.sub.2] = s2, and then obtain a new secret key [??] = ([s.sub.1], [s.sub.2]).
Tfhe North-east is fast becoming the hub of industry for the UK and will continue to grow in stature - with the right skill being brought through now.
Tfhe two Midland rivals will meet at Brandon on Good Friday, April 14, and under the spotlight of the Sky Sports cameras at Monmore Green on Easter Monday, April 17.
TFHE test of a good meal when you've got a toddler as a dining companion is how much you have to clear off the floor at the end of the evening.
Inspector Richard Barwick said: "Tfhe intention is to have the jackets independently tested."