TFHRCTurner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
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The FHWA researchers at TFHRC chose the method of x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) for their analysis of REOB.
Several States provided samples of known REOB composition to TFHRC researchers, who analyzed the samples to compare the percentage of added (known) REOB to the found (tested) amount.
Volker Fessmann, a program manager for vehicle-to-infrastructure communications for safety at TFHRC, coordinates the event each year.
Benjamin Graybeal, leader of the Bridge Engineering Research Team at TFHRC, demonstrated a real-time load test of a concrete beam using the weight of an elephant as an equivalent unit of measure placed on the beam.
Left) The President greets an enthusiastic throng of TFHRC employees.
Inset) After waiting in the hot July sun, TFHRC staff eagerly anticipates the arrival of President Obama.
While at TFHRC, the President underscored the need for Congress to pass a bill addressing the impending Highway Trust Fund shortfall.
Taylor Lochrane, a research engineer with the TFHRC team that analyzes transportation operations, briefed President Obama on the center's ongoing research into vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure integration.
Outdoor exposure testing at TFHRC For the outdoor testing in Virginia, the research team installed the type I and H panels on two wooden racks that were inclined at 30 degrees and faced toward the south.
FHWA researchers at the TFHRC chemistry lab have an array of rapid spectroscopic, optical, and analytical tools at their disposal that enable them to study pavement materials at the atomic and molecular levels.
The DRT supports the management and storage of data collected from the Cooperative Vehicle-Highway testbed's full-scale traffic signal-controlled intersection at the TFHRC facility, two specially equipped vehicles, and numerous sensors, detectors, and other equipment that transmit a variety of data both wirelessly and via more traditional wired communications techniques.
The Concepts and Analysis testbed and the Data Resources facility will be housed inside TFHRC, while the CVHT will primarily be housed outdoors on surrounding TFHRC property.