TFHRCTurner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
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Caption: Drivers of connected vehicles proceed onto TFHRC's closed testing course with connected roads and infrastructure during a pilot program in June 2018.
The TFHRC researchers established a collaborative effort with ASTM to determine the precision of the MOR using the small beam (ASTM interlaboratory study #1265).
"Turner-Fairbank wants to reach out to students in the area and encourage them to study STEM [science, technology, engineering, and mathematics] subjects," says Michael Trentacoste, FHWA associate administrator for research, development, and technology and the director of TFHRC. "Bringing our own kids to the center to see the high-tech things their folks do every day is really at the heart of it all."
The historic day marked the first presidential visit to TFHRC, a world-renowned facility responsible for over half of FHWA's $115 million annual research budget.
(Left) The President greets an enthusiastic throng of TFHRC employees.
The President concluded his visit with remarks to FHWA and TFHRC employees and to the Nation.
James Sherwood is a civil (highway research) engineer at TFHRC. He currently monitors projects on pavement friction management and flooded pavements, and performs staff research in the data analysis program for safety performance of pavements.
Do is a research highway engineer at FHWA's TFHRC in McLean, VA, where she has managed the pedestrian and bicyclist safety research program since 2001.
FHWA's Office of Infrastructure Research and Development (R&D) conducts full-scale accelerated pavement testing at its Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) in McLean, VA.