TFICThe Federation of Image Consultants (UK)
TFICTongue Firmly in Cheek
TFICTransportation for Illinois Coalition (Springfield, IL)
TFICTasmanian Fishing Industry Council (aka Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council; Australia)
TFICTennessee Farmers Insurance Companies (Columbia, TN)
TFICTimberline Forest Inventory Consultants (Canada)
TFICThai-French Innovation Centre (Bangkok, Thailand)
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A supporting platoon would similarly infiltrate from a BP, but TFIC and the GAC would initiate clearance along a previously unused route from the north.
During Day 1 of the operation, TFIC encountered seven IEDs, three of which detonated causing one medical evacuation and two damaged vehicles.
Notably, TFIC interrogated multiple suspicious sites while only finding one IED, which had had its detonator moved so that forces moving along the road could not trigger it.
Smoking cannabis preparations with an increased proportion of TFIC is the most common way of achieving this.