TFISTEC France Imaging Systems (Toshiba)
TFISTropical Forest Information System (Tropical Ecosystem Environment Observed by Satellite Project)
TFISTheft From Interstate Shipment
TFISThings Found in Sharks (band; UK)
TFISThailand Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System
TFISTrade Finance Institutional Structure (UN)
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For example, while all seven blocks in TFIS used to depend on the gravity-fed primary canal, water shortages have resulted in only three blocks located on the upper end of the canal accessing water from the canal while the other blocks now depend on motorised pumps (Sinyolo et al, 2014b).
Sixteen TFIs have been constructed, corresponding to the main policy areas under negotiation at the WTO, with the aim to estimate the impact of addressing specific hurdles in the trade and border procedures of a given country.
At the landscape level, DELWP will continue to use TFI as a metric, reporting the proportion of areas within and outside TFI thresholds and on the proportion of the landscape burnt by planned burns and bushfires while already below minimum TFI.
[File Caodaist troops, sheet for the General, on the subject of arming the Caodaists, TFEO, TFIS, headquarters, 2nd bureau], 22 July 1947.
This means that even if a hacker does successfully breach an endpoint, only the data housed in that particular endpoint is compromised, rather than the countless amount of data that is stored by TFIs at a single point within the traditional in-house server infrastructures.
At the time, the United States was encouraged by the June 22, 2006 agreement between the Somali Transitional Federal Institutions (TFIs) and the then-Union of Islamic Courts.
Supporting the development of an effective security sector in Somalia, the Contact Group urged Transitional Federal Institutions (TFIs) and the Islamic Courts to resume the talks launched by the League of Arab States on 22 June, to reject any violent extremist agenda and to deny support for terrorists.
TFIS joins the NUCO stable and has been renamed National Underwriter Insurance Data Services.
Institutions (TFIs) if tangible results in all fields are not achieved in the
* provide, as appropriate, protection to the TFIs and their key infrastructure, to enable them carry out their functions;