TFLATexas Foreign Language Association (est. 1953)
TFLATeaching Foreign Languages to Adults (certification)
TFLATransportation Foundation of Los Angeles (est. 1991; Los Angeles, CA)
TFLATransparent Failure Location Algorithm
TFLAThree and Four Letter Acronyms
TFLATotal Finished Living Area (real estate)
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The TFLA and TCT combined with the latest Comtech modem technology and solid state amplifiers now provide a new dimension to the use of tropo on the battlefield.
The TFLA is a rapidly deployable angle diversity three meter troposcatter antenna that is a single antenna designed to support quad-diversity operation that enables the link to be setup in 30 minutes or less, a significant reduction from the traditional two antenna system.
The TCT is a self contained troposcatter communications system incorporating the TFLA, Comtech modems, and solid state amplifiers.