TFLOPTera Floating Point Operations Per Second
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The first phase of HECTOR will include a Cray XT4-based system with a peak performance of about 60 TFLOPS (tera, or l015 floating point operations/sec).
Oracle also plans to soon release NVIDIA Volta architecture-powered instances with 8 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs interconnected via NVIDIA NVLINK to generate over 125 TFLOPS of single-precision performance.
Teraflops or TFlops are 1012 Flops, petaflops or PFlops are 1015 (1000 trillion) Flops and exaflops or EFlops are 1018 (one quintillion or one million TFLOPS) Flops.
In addition to powering the Milky Way 2, these processors also power two other systems on the Top500 list from Bull, the 54th ranked system with 557 TFlops and the 329th with 139 TFlops, as part of an early ship program Intel uses to equip supercomputer customers.
68 TFLOPS of double-precision performance (RPEAK), all in a single 47U rack.
It is also rumoured that the Cayman could sport 30 SIMD engines and 1920 stream processors instead, promising 3 TFLOPS of processing power and 96 texture units, with 2GB of 256-bit memory operating at 160GB/s bandwidth.
With 336 consoles, we reached 53 TFLOPS [Tera Floating Point Operations per Second]," said Dr.
With a compute capacity of 326 TFlops and a peak performance of 504 TFlops, Ranger is based on the Sun Constellation System which combines the Sun Blade(TM) 6048 Modular System and the Sun(TM) Datacenter Switch 3456.
One TFLOPS is one trillion floating point operations per second, which is equivalent, in theory, to the processing performance delivered by a total of 512 supercomputers linked with each other, according to NEC.
3 TFLOPS Supersystem with Intel dual-core Dempsey processors and an Infiniband Network from Silverstorm Technologies.
But the future doesn't stop there, for IBM intends to significantly add to the world's problem-solving capabilities with such super-duper computers as ASCI Purple (100 Tflops of projected processing speed) and Blue Gene/L (367 Tflops); together, these would be more powerful than today's top 500 supercomputers combined.
The new supercomputer features 1,024 MIPS(R) processors that will deliver more than one TFLOPS (a trillion operations per second) of peak performance, 10TB (10,000GB) of online storage and 100TB of near-line StorageTek storage.