TFNATesticular Fine Needle Aspiration (urology)
TFNATransthoracic Fine Needle Aspiration (pulmonology)
TFNATesla Foundation of North America
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was equally as impressed by the TFNA nail, a sturdy titanium alloy product intended to better fit the anatomy of hip fracture patients.
A big concern, especially in elderly patients with hip fractures, is matching patient anatomy to help avoid complications such as anterior cortical impingement, and the radius of curvature of the TFNA Nail may help reduce that risk," Finkemeier, co-director of the Acute Care Orthopaedic Service at Sutter Roseville Medical Center (Roseville, Calif.
Certainly the New York public expected one, as evidenced by several interviews with principal members of the TFNA artistic team, a bevy of print reviews, and even a speaker-series event at the 92nd Street Y featuring James Shapiro, author of Shakespeare and the Jews.