TFNFTask Force Navy Family
TFNFTechnology for Future Naval Forces (US DoD)
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Hence it would only seize its political and military struggle against the dictatorial regime in Juba if its revokes the unpopular establishments order 36/2015 and restore Shilluk territories as per 1956 borders," partly reads a press statement signed by Brigadier General Otowang Achwang, military spokesperson of TFNF, and extended to Sudan Tribune on Thursday.
The TFNF regularly communicated these needs back to the CNO and other Navy senior leaders, ensuring that all resources were used to help support our families.
The TFNF was established out of an urgent need but was organized based on lessons learned from previous natural disasters.
The TFNF team, in concert with BUPERS, helped ensure that every entitlement under the law was made available for military and Don civilian personnel.
Leading the TFNF team is RADM Robert Passmore, a Reserve flag officer normally assigned to Naval Forces Europe, who was selected by the CNO for this important endeavor.
Everyone involved with TFNF is completely devoted to ensuring everyone who needs help gets it.
From this day forward, every person serving our Navy not directly impacted by the hurricane should consider themselves ADDU to TFNF.
The TFNF went to say that there is no historical evidence upon Dinka's claims of Chollo land.