TFNNTiger Financial News Network (radio station)
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In Section 3, we have defined TFNNS, score function and accuracy function of TFNNS, and some operational rules of TFNNS.
In this section, we combine triangular fuzzy numbers (TFNs) with SVNSs to develop triangular fuzzy number neutrosophic set (TFNNS) in which, the truth, indeterminacy and falsity membership functions are expressed with triangular fuzzy numbers.
A triangular fuzzy number neutrosophic set (TFNNS) [??] in X is represented by
Suppose that S([[??].sub.i]) and H([[??].sub.i]) are the score and accuracy functions of TFNNS [[??].sub.i](I = 1,2), then the following order relations are defined as follows:
Now, we discuss some essential properties of TFNNWG operator for TFNNs.