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wa ?az ?u ?awal sa'lom dod boz par'son kad ke 'tfoa 'oba ba ma ne'fon 'bete
A discrepancy of this nature could have led to a TFOA incident or engine FOD.
On the sixth day, we got a message from a fleet service-support team engineer who had seen the TFOA report, saying that we had used a wrong repair procedure.
Eleven (27 percent) of the 40 mishaps involved TFOA and FOD and stem from various supervisory, maintenance and material causal factors.
Analyze the situation; look for steps that would have prevented a TFOA, and fix maintenance practices to keep them from happening again.
However, a trend on the maintenance side is TFOAs and a new one, TFOS--things falling off ships.
Ten of the mishaps resulted from things fall-ing off aircraft, better known as TFOA. These items ranged from engine-bay doors to cowlings.
This list shows that we still have FOD, TFOA and SE issues.
An investigation immediately was launched, and investigators determined maintainers failed to follow basic maintenance practices, lacked communication between shifts, and allowed a holiday routine to cause this TFOA incident.