TFOCTransformers: Fall of Cybertron (gaming)
TFOCTrade Facilitation Office Canada
TFOCThai Fiber Optics Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)
TFOCTransatlantic Frontiers of Chemistry (biennial meeting)
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The TFOC claims that the risk of harm from circumcision is low, but contradicts itself by stating that it does not know the true extent of the injuries, though it certainly should.
A large part of the TFOC report discusses the supposed benefits of circumcision, with no evident regard for the feelings or bodies of helpless newborn babies and injured men.
The TFOC does not address studies showing that circumcision removes the most sensitive part of the penis, and reduces sexual satisfaction for men and their female partners.
Over the past five years, funding has enabled TFOC to build seven guest cabins, a new information/reception centre at the tourist camp, relocate one building to create a new visitors' centre at the wildlife park, and rehabilitate the swimming area.
Now, the City has agreed to provide $200,000 for two additional projects if TFOC can secure the remaining $600,000 from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and Employment Ontario.
During its 26-year history, TFOC has helped thousands of small and medium sized exporters from Africa and other parts of the developing world find markets for their goods and services in Canada," says Brian Mitchell, director of TFOC's Africa Programme.