TFOEThe Future of Europe (series)
TFOETask Force on the Environment (American Library Association)
TFOEThe Forum of Everything
TFOETransfer Function of the Open Ear (amplification relative to the undisturbed sound field caused by ear canal and pinna resonances)
TFOETons Fuel Oil Equivalent
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In "The Green Library Movement: An Overview and Beyond," Monika Antonelli traces the history of sustainability-related library research through 2008, beginning with the establishment by the ALA of the TFOE in 1989.
When asked for ideas on how these groups could augment sustainability efforts, responses pointed to: ALA's TFOE and Social Responsibility Round Table; ACRL's Science and Technology Section; SLA's Environmental Resource Division; and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), to include an international perspective.