TfOHTrifluoromethanesulfonic Acid
TfOHThe Fires of Heaven (Wheel of Time; book 5)
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When 4 to 10% molar TfOH is added, this cation chelation is accelerated and a purple coloration of the solution is noticed.
Moreover, it was shown that this complexation reaction starts after 45 to 60 min under open circuit conditions due to electrogenerated protons but it can be tremendously accelerated by addition of catalytic amount of TfOH. RCE values showed that ligand binds tightly to the cation except in DMF and the complexes are more stable with ligand 1 than with 2.
In details, BPyFBFFA can be obtained by the Friedel-Crafts reactions of BPyPFBA with blue light-emitting tertiary alcohol (TFOH) at the yield of 70%.