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TFOSTear Film and Ocular Surface Society
TFOSTerrorism Financing Operations Section (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)
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TFOSTank Farm Operations Subcouncil
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(10,21,22,23) In conclusion, the TFOS DEWS II management and therapy report presents a step-wise approach to the treatment of DED.
Bunya et al., "The ocular surface TFOS DEWS II epidemiology report," Ocular Surface, vol.
During the last year, TFOS agents have provided weeklong terrorism financing trainings to law enforcement officials in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
Sullivan, organizer of the TFOS CLD Workshop, said that this TFOS report will significantly increase awareness of factors that may, and may not, contribute to the generation of CLD.
Se utilizaron los reactivos: tampon fosfato de potasio a 0.05 M y pH 7.2 (Tfos), [alfa] o [beta]-naftil acetato (naf), dianisidina (did), albumina serica bovina (alb), homogeneizado de acaros (hac), dihidrocloruro de 3, 3', 5, 5'-tetrametil-bencidina (dtb), metanol (met), acetato de sodio (ace) a 0.25 M, pH 5, peroxido de hidrogeno ah 3% (per), fitocromo c (citc), glutation reducido (glr), 1-cloro-2, 4' dinitrobenzeno (cdb), yoduto de acetilcolina (yac), 5, 5'-ditiobis-2-acido nitrobenzoico (dan).
(14) Such as the Terrorism Finance Operations Section (TFOS) at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the U.S.
Some JTTFs assign seasoned FBI special agents to work with new TFOs, overseeing their paperwork and case management.
The process is generally accomplished by TFOs; however, another innovative model has emerged through MaRS Centre in Toronto, which supports a company that works with universities and identifies potentially commercializable IR In some cases, this company buys the IP or it shares the IP and then deals with commercializing and licensing to third parties.
For example, the Terrorist Financing Operations Section (TFOS) of the FBI Counterterrorism Division was formed in response to this critical need.
Peter Glazer at Yale University, to develop a mouse model producing triplex-forming oligonucleotides (TFOs) using ssDNA expression systems.