TFOSTeenagers From Outer Space (RPG)
TFOSTear Film and Ocular Surface Society
TFOSTerrorism Financing Operations Section (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)
TFOSTotal Federal Officer Service
TFOSTank Farm Operations Subcouncil
TFOSTechnical Follow On Support
TFOSThe Forum of Stuff
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Sullivan, organizer of the TFOS CLD Workshop, said that this TFOS report will significantly increase awareness of factors that may, and may not, contribute to the generation of CLD.
conduct full financial analysis of terrorist suspects and their financial support structures in the United States and abroad; coordinating joint participation, liaison and outreach efforts to appropriately utilize financial information resources of private, government and foreign entities; utilizing FBI and Legal Attache expertise to fully exploit financial information from foreign law enforcement, including the overseas deployment of TFOS personnel; working jointly with the intelligence community to fully exploit intelligence to further terrorist investigations; working jointly with prosecutors, law enforcement, and regulatory communities; and developing predictive models and conducting data analysis to facilitate the identification of previously unknown terrorist suspects.
This TFOS group serves as a proactive unit by working closely with document exploitation personnel to generate investigative leads for TFOS and other FBI investigative divisions.
According to the FBI, the TFOS has developed substantial contacts domestically and internationally that have enhanced its access to near real-time information to advance the TFOS mission.
Secondly, according to the FBI, the TFOS Program Management and Coordination Unit (PCMU) has been tasked with "tracking various funding mechanisms used by different subjects on ongoing investigations--to include alternative financing mechanisms.
The report of the Management and Therapy Subcommittee of the TFOS International workshop provides practitioners with a systematic strategy to effectively manage CLD.