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Physical properties of SBR- and SBR/sulfur-modified asphalts after TFOT ageing (SBR content: 4 wt%).
However, after TFOT ageing, it can be seen from Fig.
After TFOT ageing, the susceptibility to shear frequency is reduced to some extent due to the partly degradation of the polymer network.
As can be observed, the binder holds a higher activation energy after TFOT ageing, one reason is that oxidative ageing results in more interactions among asphalt components, this can be mainly attributed to the increased hard asphalt components as mentioned in Table 2.
Figure 11 shows the corresponding micrographs after TFOT aging.
For the level of modification (10% EPDM in HDPE) used here to illustrate this route, it is found that on the basis of linear viscoelastic properties, morphology, TFOT aging, Ring-and-Ball softening point, and Fraass breaking point, the 1% HDPE/EPDM modified asphalt presents the most promising results.