TFPITissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (also seen as TFPIb)
TFPITask Force on Project Implementation (various organizations)
TFPITissue Factor Fibrinolytic Inhibitor (antithrombotic therapy)
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The concentrations of E-selectin (Figure 4(c)) and TFPI (Figure 4(h)), in turn, did not differ (P > 0.
El TFPI bloquea al complejo FT/ FVIIa inmediatamente despues que se genera FXa, formando un complejo cuaternario TFPI/FXa/FT/ FVIIa.
suggesting that the presence of TFPI within the luminal surface of atherosclerotic lesions without disruption may play an active role in the prevention of thrombotic complications.
The aim of this study was to evaluate plasma TFPI levels in paediatric patients with NS and its correlation with disease activity and the degree of hypoproteinaemia and proteinuria.
ABBREVATIONS: APC = activated protein C; AT = antithrombin; C4bBP = Cob binding protein; DIC = disseminated intravascular coagulation; EC = endothelial cells; EPCR = endothelial cell protein C receptor; GAG = glycosaminoglycans; PAF = platelet activating factor; PAI-1 = plasminogen activator inhibitor-1; PARs = protease activated receptor; PC = protein C; PDGF = platelet derived growth factor; TAFI = thrombin activated fibrinolysis inhibitor; TFPI = tissue factor pathway inhibitor; TM = thrombomodulin; TNF = tumor necrosis factor; ULVWF = ultra-large multimers of von Willebrand factor.
TFPI is a naturally occurring anticoagulant protein that inhibits tumor growth and the formation of new blood vessels in preclinical models.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: TF, tissue factor; FVIIa, activated factor VII; TM, thrombomodulin; PC, protein C; EPCR, endothelial protein C receptor; APC, activated PC; PS, protein S; AT, antithrombin; TFPI, tissue factor pathway inhibitor; tPA, tissue plasminogen activator; uPA, urokinase plasminogen activator; PAI, plasminogen activator inhibitor; PI, plasmin inhibitor; TAFI, thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor; ROTEM/TEG, thromboelastometry/thromboelastography; T2MR, T2 magnetic resonance.
TFPI is released by the endothelium very soon after heparin administration, thus diminishing the action of the TF-FVIIa complex.
Staclot[R] VII a -rTF, Liatest[R] Assay for FM (Fibrin Monomer), C4b-BP and B2GP-1, Stachrom Heparin Cofactor II and PAI, As-serachrom[R] series (ELISA assays) for Protein Z, Soluble GPV, VII Ag, X Ag, PAI-1, APA IgG,M, Total and Free TFPI, sEPCR, Thrombomodulin, VIIIC Ag, PIVKA-II and antibodies to B2GP1.
TFPI has a high degree of activity against endothelial cells, which are the building blocks of blood vessels, resulting in unique antiangiogenic properties.
Recent studies of the impact of economic reform in China have argued with good evidence that the institutional change from the commune system to HRS contributed about one-half of the increase in TFPI during 1979-1989.